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Join the Fight Against Cancer in Alaska

American Cancer Society


Dimond Center is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It would never have been possible without the support of generations of Alaskans over the years. We want to show our gratitude by giving back, so we will donate $20,000 to be divided between four different charities that strive to make a difference in our community.

One of the non-profits we have decided to support is the American Cancer Society of Alaska. We wanted our contribution to make the biggest difference as possible, and have that one donation multiply. McKinley Capital has made that possible by donating $10,000.  The American Cancer Society of Alaska will now receive $15,000! Thank you McKinley Capital for your generosity!

American Cancer Society: Vision & Mission

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 in New York and since then has made its mission to fight cancer through awareness, research, and aid on a national and international scale. For over 100 years, their commitment has contributed to 14.5 million people surviving cancer in the United States alone. In fact, 500 lives are being saved each day that otherwise may have been lost to cancer!


How can you help make a difference? Be a part of Relay for Life Alaska!

Join the worldwide movement as we come together to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and fight back against the disease. Relay For Life is an overnight event and because cancer never sleeps, for one night neither do we. Teams of friends, families, or co-workers come together for this family friendly event and every step we take brings us closer to a world with more birthdays and less cancer. Relay For Life events will take place across Alaska. In Anchorage it will take place this June 3rd.

When you participate in a Relay For Life event, you become a vital part of the American Cancer Society: a volunteer. You are now part of an organization of 2.5 million survivors, patients, advocates, volunteers, caregivers, researchers, doing everything within their power to save lives.

By selflessly devoting your time and energy through raising awareness and money, you become the voice of the American Cancer Society in your community. It's a big job. And it’s not one that is taken for granted. So thank you for joining the mission to save lives and celebrate life, every day.

To find a team or learn how you can get involved visit their website or call their local office: (907) 277-8610


What Does the American Cancer Society do in Alaska?

Last year in Alaska, 992 Alaskans, 602 newly diagnosed, received help in different ways: from being driven to and from treatment, nights of lodging, to personal health management assistance.


The American Cancer Society has 14 events across the State of Alaska, run primarily by volunteers. Every year Alaskans raise about $1.5-2 million to aide in the fight of cancer! The majority of American Cancer Society dollars go toward their primary mission, funding treatment for cancer research. They also operate may patient programs and services across the Last Frontier, utilizing donors and volunteers for maximum effect. The programs help 20% of the newly diagnosed cancer patients in Alaska annually.

Dimond Center has been able to partner with ACS annually during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with events such as Skate with the Aces & Zumbathon.


More information about American Cancer Society of Alaska & Relay for Life:

website | relay for life | facebook | instagram