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1. Is the Card a debit charge, or credit card? No. The Card is a prepaid payment card that can be used to purchase goods and services at authorized Merchants located at Dimond Center. The Card is not a credit card and can be used only for the amount of money available on the Card will be reduced by the amount of each purchase until is reaches zero.
2. How do I check my balance? You may check your available balance anytime by calling 1-800-755-8713 or at
3. How is the Card used to make retail purchases? Present the Card to the cashier for payment and tell him/her it is a gift card. Sign the receipt with the same signature you used to sign the back of the Card. Retain the receipt as a record of the purchase.
4. Are there any fees for the use of the Card after purchase? This Card has NO FEES AFTER PURCHASE (including dormancy, service or other fees).
5. Does the Gift Card expire? / Do the funds on the Card expire? One year after purchase, a $2.50 will be deducted from any remaining funds each month until the account balance reaches $0. In addition, there is a "valid thru" date for the plastic in each card, listed on the back- any funds still remaining on the card are still there, and will be available once a free replacement is obtained.
6. Can I get a refund or exchange my Gift Card for cash? No
7. Should the receipt from the purchase of the Card be kept? We strongly suggest that you keep the receipt from the purchase of the Card, as we may require it for a replacement.
8. Where can the Card be used? Are there any usage restrictions? All vendors who accept credit cards in Dimond Center should accept the Dimond Center Gift Cards.
9. What if the Card is lost or stolen? If you beleive that the Card has been lost or stolen: call toll free 1-800-755-8713, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or write to Bank of America, 7171 W. 95th Street, Suite 400, Overland Park, Kansas 66212. Subject to acceptable proof of Card ownershop, they will make reasonable efforts to lock a lost or stolen Card from further use. If you are prompt to notify and therefore it is possible to lock from further use, you will not be liable for any further transactions associated with the lost or stolen Card.
10. Can I receive a replacement Card? You may request a replacement Card for a lost, stolen or damaged Card at Dimond Center. A replacement Card will not be issued unless you present adequate proof of purchase, the 16 digit Card number, the damaged Card (in case of a damaged Card), and your full identification. Requests to replace a Card may be denied by our discretion, in the event we suspect fraudulent or unlawful activity or improper Card use. If the replacement is approved, a new Card will be issued and activated in the amount remaining on the Card, if any, at the time of the replacement. You will be charged a replacement fee.
11. Can merchandise purchased with the Card be returned? Yes, although there may be restrictions on the return, depending on the store's policies.