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Thursday 11 AM 8 PM
October 29, 2020

Bowling at Destination Dimond

Sunday12 PM 6 PM
Monday11 AM 7 PM
Tuesday11 AM 7 PM
Wednesday11 AM 7 PM
Thursday11 AM 7 PM
Friday11 AM 7 PM
Saturday11 AM 7 PM

First Session           Fri – Sat      7pm – 9pm
Second Session     Fri – Sat      9pm – 11pm

Hourly: (up to six people): $20

Mon – Thurs: $4 per game
Fri – Sun: $4.50 per game

Seniors/Military (with ID) from Mon – Fri 3pm-5pm: $3 per game

Special Needs from Mon – Fri 3pm-5pm: $1.75 per game
Please call (907) 344-1544

Bowling Shoe Rentals
Per Pair: $3.50
Annual Locker Fee: $30

Neon Bowling!
2 hours of bowling, including shoe rental. Price (per person): $10.00
Fri – Sat 7pm – 9pm
9pm – 11pm

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to desired date to ensure the availability of your lanes. To check availability of dates and times call (907) 344-1544.

A deposit of $25 (cash or charge) for regular parties, and $50 for a whole house party is required at the time you book your party. Said deposit is non-refundable should you cancel without a 24-hour notification to Dimond Bowl. Your deposit will be applied to the cost of your session. Reservations cannot be made without a deposit. A reservation can be made over the telephone or in person.

If you wish to rent the party seating and table section, an additional charge of $25 per hour will be added to your bill, taking into account the $25 initial party deposit. This fee does not apply to whole house parties.

The total price of your session is tallied when you are done bowling. As these are packages, all guests must be paid together.

Inquire about a party package at Dimond Bowl and go skating at the Dimond Ice Chalet too!

Phone: (907) 344-1544
Email: [email protected]

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